Saturday, August 9, 2014

International Dot Day : Get Inspired!

I signed our school up to participate in International Dot Day 2014!  Last years celebration was amazing. After reading Peter H. Reynolds story about a girl name Vashti who thinks she can't draw.  Her teacher inspires her to "Make a Mark and See Where it Takes You."  The book is all about creativity, inspiration, taking risks, believing in yourself and learning.  All the things we want our students to do! 
So far 4 other Elementaries in BISD have signed up to participate as well so the intradistrict collaboration can start! We will Make our Mark and See Where it Takes Us!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tools to Connect, Collaborate, and Create PD

Many things have changed for me with the start of this school year.  As the Lead Media Specialist for my district I feel a great responsibility to my fellow Library Media Specialists to make our professional development meaningful, powerful and relevant. This week was the first of those days for the 2014-2015 school year; and this week has been amazing.  I had the privilege to host Shannon McClintock Miller in our District. We were fortunate to have 2 days with Shannon. They were jam packed with information, collaboration, and creation.
The first day our colleagues from Angleton, Columbia/Brazoria, Danbury and Sweeny joined us for Tools to Connect, Collaborate and Create.  The tools and the ideas flowed. One of my favorite tools that was shared was Padlet . I plan on using it at my elementary school by allowing the students to have a voice and share what's on their mind about all kinds of topics.  I believe that even the littlest learners in our schools have great things to say.  Padlet will help give them that opportunity!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hello Again

I am blogging again.  I have been gone for 3 years...... I can't believe that, but I have. Alot has happened in the last 3 years. My oldest daughter has graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Hotel Restaurant Management and is now working at Walt Disney World. My youngest daughter has graduated from high school and is now a Junior at Texas A&M University, so I am now an Emptynester! After much soul searching, reading, learning, and expanding what I want, I am ready to start again.
So much has changed in the library world and education.  Change is happening at lightning speed. Mobile technology is growing, adding new users, devices, and apps daily. This chart comes from The Flurry Blog
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As you can see our students, parents, and faculty are connected all the time. They demand instant access and it is up to us to help them fulfill this need.  
We as Media Specialists must adapt and change to ensure that the we are relevant, necessary, and connected. We must give our patrons the tools and experiences that will make them productive members of this ever changing world. 

I have embraced Twitter - Michelle@BrannenLibrary and have connected with new and inspiring people who have made me question my own vision and goals for my friends at the Brannen Library. I am still learning and #hashtags confuse me. But I am not afraid to ask questions and learn by trial and error, so be patient and point out my mistakes!  I appreciate all your comments and suggestions.  

So I am back! Ready to learn and grow and change my perspective to ensure that the friends who rely on me have a guide who is willing to learn, adapt and change with them. 

Wish me luck!!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You Tube in the library

I found some You Tube videos to use in the library next year.

Arthur and the Library Card

D.W.'s Library Card

Arthur's Lost Library Book Part 1

Arthur's Lost Library Book Part 2

Sunday, August 8, 2010

11.5 More Things - Thing 11.5

This has been another exciting technology journey for me. I have enjoyed learning about all the other "things" out there. My favorite by far had to have been the Glog. I am going to use that with my 4th graders next year. I can not wait to share this with the teachers. They are going to be amazed. What a great way for them to do their Texas Region reports.
Through this program and the 23 Things program I have learned so much. I am even facilitating an online technology discovery program within my own district. I will now have to continue to grow so that I can provide for the folks in my district as well as my own campus.
The only part of this journey that was surprising was Second Life. I was excited to try it and then once there I did not like it at all. I felt very uncomfortable using it. Not to mention it crashed my computer several times. I uninstalled that program and will probably never use it again.
I appreciate this program being opened to people from other districts. Your time and talents are to be applauded.

11.5 More Things - Thing 11

Digital Citizenship is an important part of the curriculum for all students. At my school we start with Internet safety at the Kindergarten. I have found many websites with game like activities that teach students about how to be safe, smart digital citizens online. On our intranet, we have different pages for each grade, and the first lessons that each grade does in the beginning of the school year is on Internet safety and digital citizenship. Each grade has a different lesson so that the lessons are not duplicated, and each lesson builds upon the things learned previously. As the students move through the lessons, they start to learn more about cyber safety, personal protection, and authenticity of information. By the time they leave us in 4th grade they have had 5 years of lessons on digital citizenship. At the end of each school year in May, the teachers spend a week with lessons that the district has developed on digital citizenship. I feel that it is important for the students to be reminded before the long days of summer, what their rights and responsibilities are for online use.
During the school year, in the library, I contiune with the lessons in the computer lab by teaching the children about checking resources, looking at the ends of URL's to determine where the sites are from and ways to evaluate what they are reading online.
It takes constant attention from, teachers, parents and peers to help our students become good digital citizens.

Friday, July 30, 2010

11.5 More Things - Thing 10

Virtual Worlds! - Wow this was an interesting experience. I created my avatar and entered Second World no problem, however there was this guy who would not leave me alone. I was going through the first 6 learning instructions, to learn how to walk, sit, fly, transport, etc. He kept following me and trying to have a conversation, I kept nicely telling him to go away, but to no avail. He even followed me when I transported to a clothing store - Creepy! I was really glad when Second life crashed and my whole computer restarted to be honest. As neat as the experience was, it was very uncomfortable having that guy bothering you.
I do not think I would use this in any way with my elementary students. I would not even expose them to just watching, because of what just happened. It would be a great way to teach bullying, but not at an elementary level.

A Librarian's 2.0 Manifesto